Friday, 1 February 2013


Tampons – I get a lot of nose bleeds. But not really. I use these when the devil cries blood from my uterus every month.
Necklace – One of my favorite necklaces from ASOS (which I have since lost). I decided on the brown iris because my bf’s eyes are brown, nawhz.
Mood Magic lippy – Mum bought me a bunch of different ones from Avon when I was like thirteen. It’s super cute because it changes colour depending on your mood. (Well it’s really depending on your body temperate, but the first one sounds kewl-er lawlz.)
Purple Lipstick – Because any other ‘odd’ coloured lipstick makes me look laaame. (And because a friend left it at my house.)
Moon and cat earrings – I wear them everyday. They must have been in my bag because I take them off before I go to sleep. The moon stabs me.
The Pill – I’m a little too loopy for babies ATM.
Zactin – Also known as Lovan, Fluoxetine, Prozac, etc. HELLLLO generalised anxiety, ocd and derp-ression.
iPhone It’s like my fucking baby. I bought the glitter case from Sportsgirl.
Valium It goes where I go. Nom that V when you get unbearably anxious.
Hello Kitty Clip – Recently I cut my evenly grown hair into a front fringe. So Hello Kitty comes to save me when I’m having a bad fringe day.
Blistex – Best lip balm EVER. It heals, it conditions, it shines. It’s perfect.
Concert Ticket – My bestfriends bought us tickets to see Regina Spekor for my 23rd birthday. It's the second time I've seen her live. I started listening to her early highschool. She helped inspire me to become an artist <3. 


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